Advertising guide

Please read our four-step guide below, including the advertising guidelines booklet.

Step 1

Your local Slimming World Consultant will have contacted you and:

  • booked advertising space with you.
  • sent you the link to this web page.
  • sent you their group details.
  • let you know the dates when this campaign can be used.

Step 2

Please download and read our advertising guidelines booklet.

Step 3

We’ve created a selection of adverts for you to choose from. If you can’t find the required size, please choose the closest size and resize to match the Consultant’s choice, or email the marketing team.

Step 4

Before printing, please produce a proof for the Consultant’s approval.

This artwork is provided to help Consultants promote their individual groups with high-quality, on-brand, official material. The artwork is non-transferable and permission is not given to reuse the artwork for your own business use or profit.

All the images are copyright Slimming World, and should not be used for any purpose other than advertising.